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    • 100 Do’s and Don’t
      1. Your head is to be covered at all times (in public), especially during the times of meetings. 2. Your arms are to be covered at least 1-1/2 inches below the elbow. 3. Your dress is to be at a proper length at all times (in public)
      • children in pantaloons and ankle length skirts or jumper tops.
      • Sisters. twenty years and older in wrap or floor length skirts
      • Elderly in A-line skirts
      4. No tight fitting or revealing garments. No tieing up of the waist in a corset like fashion, with hip belts and so on. 5. Your shoes should be no higher than 2-1/2 inches. No cut outs. 6. The neck line is to be properly closed. There are many ways to do this. 7. You should not cross your legs (over knee), except for down at the ankles. This was first done by the Caucasian to show off the curvature of the thighs. It is also bad for your circulation. Your legs should always be properly closed. 8. No fingernail polish is to be worn, except for the clear nail hardner. We should also keep up with our nail care. 9. NO MAKE UP is to be worn. Let your natural beauty shine through. No relaxing, coloring or frying. 10. Do not eat in public while riding public transportation, or while walking down the street. 11. Do not yell across, or down, the street, or out of car and house windows. ALLAH DOES NOT LIKE LOUD BOISTEROUS WOMEN!!! 12. Bathe at least once a day or the equivalent to. You should not shave your underarms or pluck your eyebrows in access. You may clip your hairs with a pair of scissors. You may also clip your pubic hairs to cut down on extreme perspiration. You should never cut you head hairs!!! You may, however, clip your uneven ends. 13. DO NOT USE CHEMICALIZED DOUCHES, FEMININE SPRAYS, DEODERIZED SANITARY NAPKINS OR TAMPONS!!! 14. Chewing gum looks bad and teases the digestive system. If you have to chew gum you should not do so on the streets. 15. You are not to be outside on the streets at night. You should not hang out on the street corners, at pool halls, bars, liquor stores, discos, etc. No matter whether a family member owns one. 16. Always go clean and neat. 17. You should keep your mind clear of bad thoughts. 18. You should wear cotton under pants. Cotton absorbs your sweat and cuts down on vaginal infections that other materials cause. 19 Practice eating one meal a day!!! As The Messenger teaches us this is for our own good. 20. When driving in a car with a brother (that is not your husband, father or blood brother) whether he is married or single, you should always be seated in the back seat. 21. Sleep in appropriate night clothes and teach our children the same. 22. Strive to dress and act feminine...avoid appearance of masculinity. 23. We submit to right and righteousness. 24. We ask questions when we don't understand. 25. We are punctual. 26. Brush teeth and comb hair daily. 27. Practice to improve handwriting, cooking, sewing and speaking ability. 28. We talk in soft moderate tones. 29. Wear stockings that are smooth textured and near our skin color or tone. 30. We have short engagements to avoid falling victims of restrictive law. 31. We wear clothing suitable for weather and season of the year. 32. Salute national on MGT Class day only. 33. Carry complaints and suggestions through the proper channels. 34. Strive to cultivate love and respect for self and others. 35. Visit the sick and shut-in 36. We pay charity. 37. We strive to attend Saviour's Day (our Al-Haj) 38. It is not necessary to pray during menstruation. 39. We do not give believers phone numbers and addresses to strangers especially over the phone. Tell them to see the mosque secretary. 40. We do not permit our children to take liberties in other peoples homes. 41. Wearing lace or think scarves is inappropriate for the mosque. 42. We do not got to any of the devil's amusements such as movies. 43. We do not wear pointed toe shoes. 44. DON'T EAT HOG (pig, pork, swine, lard) We don't touch this divinely prohibited flesh. 45. Don't wear sheer or see thru clothing. 46. Don't Smoke. 47. Don't steal, fight each other. 48. Don't be quick to jump to conclusions about a person or what he or she says. 49. Don't criticize unjustly without cause. 50. Don't be rude or disrespectful. 51. Don't be careless and neglectful of duties to home or mosque 52. Don't be quick tempered. 53. Don't be withdrawn and distrustful. 54. Don't be easily persuaded to do wrong by lost-founds, be they relatives or friends. 55. Don't be selfish and evil-thinking. 56. Do not bring up problems to the Captain or Minister if you can solve them first. 57. Don't give your word unless you're sure you can fulfill it. 58. Don't break the confidence of a sister. 59. Do not stay away from class just because they are not run the way you think they should be. 60. We submit to our husband as long as he is right. 61. We observe ablution before prayer. 62. We practice proper conduct and teach our children the same. 63. We take an interest in anything that may affect our children. 64. We practice the highest forms of health hygiene and sanitation. We stress the importance of washing hands after using bathroom and flushing commode to our children. 65. We save money for future use...unforeseen misfortunes. Strive to avoid credit. 66. Strive to wear white as soon as possible. 67, Pray five times a day, making sure you say Morning prayer. 68. Whenever a new sister comes into the Mosque, we try to do our best to make her feel at home. 69. Be gentle, kind and firm in dealing with sisters. 70. Be clean, neat and well-groomed at all times, EVEN AROUND THE HOUSE. 71. Think before speaking. 72. Train children to be respectful to all adults, Mosque officials and teachers. 73. Keep an interest in current events (news). 74. Be careful of leaving doors unlocked when in and out of the house. Also be careful of who you let into the house. 75. A sisters looks for the good in a sister instead of harping on the worst. 76. A sister discovers what can be done instead of grumbling about what cannot. 77. A sister draws her strength from a deep belief in Allah and trust in Messenger Elijah Muhammad's Teachings. 78. We regard problems, small or large, as opportunities. 79. We push ahead when it would be easy to quit. 80. We accept small gains realizing that the longest journey starts with one step. 81.  We accept misunderstanding as the price of sowing the greater good of others. 82. We try to make suggestions for improvements in a constructive manner. 83. We make it a matter of principle to attend all mosque meetings and activities. 84. We fight those who fight with us. But we are never the aggressor. 85. We do not attempt to teach Islam to Lost/Founds, We ask them to the mosque so they can get official teaching. 86. We do not use aluminum cookware. We use glass, stainless steel, and corning ware. 87. We do not eat nuts. (peanuts, walnuts, etc.) 88. We do not give Xmas gifts or cards. We give Saviour's Day gifts and cards. 89. We do not use tampons. We use sanitary napkins. 90. We do not go bare legged. 91. We don't date and have boy friends. 92. We don't flirt and pursue brother. We let them pursue us. 93. We don't gossip and spread rumors. 94. We use clorox for dishwasing. 95. Don't wash kitchen line with other clothing. Wash separately. 96. Don't wear slits in skirts. We wear pleats. 97. Don't wear hair curlers in the street. 98. Don't eat tuna or any fish that weighs over 50 lbs. 99.  Don't eat fresh baked bread, wait at least 24 before eating it. 100. We don't practice any vices; gambling, swearing, drinking intoxicants, using dope, perverted sex acts,  adultery, fornication, etc.  

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