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It’s easy to meet a beautiful woman. They’re everywhere.

But meeting a beautiful woman who is also kind, intelligent, warm and has something in life that she’s passionate about…an outlet to direct her creative energies to make a positive impact in the world…A woman who has a beautiful, positive outlook on life…and who approaches all aspects of life and love with genuine sincerity and a caring positive disposition towards others…Now that’s a different story entirely.

In a world where many operate with “grey area” integrity, Muslimuma stands for something higher.
It is our goal and purpose to introduce beautiful, positive, energizing people – men and women – to each other, so they can  create and enjoy meaningful, deeply fulfilling relationships.

Whether you prefer to meet and date women your own age, 10-35 years younger, or a little bit  older than your calendar age we have you covered and introduce you to perfect matches accordingly.

As an Muslimuma member you can rest assured that each and every woman match you meet not only beautiful, but also – as contractually required – fits your personal preferences…and is an ideal lover, partner, and friend…A complete person who has a great deal to offer a gentleman such as yourself in a thriving, loving partnership.

Muslimuma is a positive force.

Our mission is to make life more:

  • Beautiful
  • Balanced
  • Meaningful
  • Peaceful and….
  • Rewarding

We screen, vet and meet every candidate in person so you don’t have to. We only represent those few who have a positive, beautiful outlook on life …an inner presence that matches their incredible physical attraction.

Because like you, we only wish to engage with kind, interesting, inspiring women who bring joy to all they encounter.

In addition to exceptional beauty, we also screen for accomplishment, sincerity, a sense of mental and emotional balance…all of the attributes that contribute to a healthy, uplifting and rewarding relationship.

Because a relationship is only ever as good as the two people in it.

By presenting the right candidates to each other, we are not only successful in the most mundane sense, but we can also rest easy knowing that what we do sets in motion far more love, more good, more positiveness, and more happiness into the world as a whole. And THAT, makes a difference!

Concerns or questions?

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